Everyone can enjoy buying coins in Madden

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Madden was originally designed for Apple II by trip Hawkins, the first CEO of EA, and input was provided by John Madden himself. Programming was done by Robin antonik and some contributions were provided by Bethesda software (yes, * that * Bethesda).

It should be noted that the original version has little in common with the Games everyone knows and loves.

To do this, we have to use the first Sega Genesis version in 1990. EA hired Park Place productions, the developer of cinema place’s pioneering "TV sports football" on Amiga, and basically told them that it was a bit crazy to clone their games into game consoles and clothes. It’s made by boys – if you watch a video of sports football on TV and then watch the original John Madden Football of Genesis, they have the same vision, the same font, right there.

Every Madden game made since then is a direct descendant of the game. Dave Swanson and i migrated the game engine from 68000 components of Genesis to C in 1996 to create Madden ’97 for Playstation and Saturn, and today the same core game code (now C + +) exists on PS4 and Xbox one.
In fact, Madden game has become so popular. Everyone can enjoy buying coins in Madden.

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