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      Similarly as he has all through these playoffs, Leonard was prevailing again in Game 6, completing with 27, 17 bounce back, 7 helps, 2 takes and 2 squares to lead the Raptors to a fourth straight triumph over the Bucks as Toronto – the group that has missed the mark so often in the course of recent years – at long last had its day in the sun.

      It did as such as a result of the exchange Ujiri swung for Leonard the previous summer, conveying establishment symbol DeMar DeRozan – alongside Jakob Poeltl and a first-round NBA draft pick – for the whiz forward in addition to Danny Green. After the Raptors had seen their season end for three straight years on account of LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers, Ujiri was resolved for things to appear as something else.

      What’s more, on account of Leonard, they are.

      “I don’t generally pass judgment on my game that way,” Leonard said when gotten some information about Ujiri’s remarks. “I’m even more a group perspective, see-what-my-group is-doing [guy]. I simply need to win. I couldn’t care less about being the best player. I need to be the best group. I’ve generally said that.

      “Prior to the season, when we made the exchange, Masai felt that route about me. He disclosed to me how he felt and why he made the exchange.

      “It’s turning out well at this point. We’re in the Finals, and we’re not done yet.”

      It looked as though this would be an altogether different result late in the second from last quarter Saturday, when Toronto was trailing 76-61 and the group was everything except quiet. Yet, at that point the Raptors ripped off a 26-3 keep running throughout the following eight minutes of game activity – topped by a huge Leonard dunk following a take by Kyle Lowry with 6:46 left, making the score 87-79.

      “It was a sort of force capper,” said Lowry, who completed with 17, 5 bounce back and 8 helps. “We sort of were on a run, and why not sustain the huge pooch? Give the enormous pooch a chance to eat.”

      At the time, it felt like the start of a triumph lap for the Raptors – however that feeling was fleeting. Milwaukee quickly reacted with a 7-0 keep running throughout the following 90 seconds to dismantle back to inside one, setting up a strained last couple of minutes.

      All through everything, however, Toronto never trailed again. An excellent driving Lowry layup drove Toronto’s lead back to three, and after that consecutive 3-pointers by Marc Gasol and Leonard gave the Raptors a 95-90 lead with 3:04 left.

      While the last couple of minutes were excited, Milwaukee never gotten another opportunity at a tying shot.

      In the long run, the game finished with Leonard – who else would it be able to be? – thumping down a couple of free tosses with 3.9 seconds left subsequent to corralling a free toss miss by Pascal Siakam to give the Raptors the last edge of triumph lastly get the festivals under way both inside Scotiabank Arena and among the countless fans congregated outside of it in Jurassic Park.

      Indeed, even Drake, who was in his standard courtside situate wearing a hoodie with “Kawhi Me A River” composed on the back, was in on the good times.